Lora Hudson Photography | Poster Order Form

Order Form for Attitude Posters

1. Team Representative Information:

(contact information for any questions and the location where the Attitude Posters will be shipped)

School/Organization: ________________________________________________________________________________

Name: ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Shipping Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________

City: ___________________________________ State: ___________________ Zip Code: _________________________

Daytime Phone: _____________________________________________________________________________________

Email: _____________________________________________________________________________________________


2. Customize Your Posters

       TOP of your Poster: _____________________________________________________________ limit 25 characters

       BOTTOM of your Poster: _________________________________________________________ limit 30 characters

       Do you want to add your logo?   Yes or No (circle one)  *If you want to add your logo, please email a high resolution (300ppi) image to lora@photoworksonline.com


3. Prices

Number of Prints Price per Print Qty Total 
Large 10" x 30"      
6-9 $35.00    
10+ $30.00    
20+ $25.00    
Mini-Pano 5" x 15" $20.00    
      TOTAL DUE $


4. Payment

Check, Cash or Credit Card.  Make checks payable to "PHOTO WORKS"


      This credit card will be charged the full amount of the order.

Name on Card: _________________________________________________________________________

Phone Number: _________________________________________________________________________


Card Number: __________________________________________ Exp Date:  ______________________

Security Code: ___________________  Zip Code: ____________________________________



If you want to purchase with multiple credit cards, please include credit card numbers and expiration dates.